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Programs & Curriculums             

Fitness, Nutrition and Media Production - Each program has an 8-week curriculums.

  • Each program has a beginning & final measurement assessment.

  • Each program has a business company mentor for students.

  • Each program has a personal life coach.

  • Cost of program is $100 a month per child.



Example of Program Flow K-12TH Grade

  • 4:00pm-  Life Skills

  • 4:15pm- Warm ups         

  • 4:30pm-  Fitness Training

  • 5:00pm-  Super Hero Challenge

  • Media Production

* 6:00pm- Dance, Acting, Singing

*7:00pm- Students Leave

Program flow open to change.




Community Service Credit &Career Opportunities

  • The coaches, mentors and youth are scheduled to take a programming day throughout the 8-week sessions to allow the children to earn their Community Service Credit by giving back to our communities.

  • This experience is designed to build positive personal character and relationships through community service and the art of giving.

  • This opportunity will also allow for the supporting companies to sponsor an event in our community.



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